A sci-fi series initially slammed by viewers for its lacklustre debut in 2022 has surged to the top of IMDb's rankings with its second season.

Despite criticisms of its first season, the video game adaptation "Halo" has now claimed the number one spot in IMDb's list of top sci-fi TV series.

Season two, released this month, has garnered praise for its improved visuals, character development, and tighter storytelling.

Viewers are particularly pleased with the inclusion of more aliens, staying true to the popular video game.

Starring Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, the series follows the conflict between humans and aliens in the 26th century.

Despite initial backlash from hardcore Halo gamers, the show has found favour among those unfamiliar with the game.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, Jones remains a beacon of stability, his value to the team immeasurable.