NFL Free Agency Frenzy: Who Will Land the Biggest Deals?

Pro players like Chris Jones, Saquon Barkley, Kirk Cousins, and others are scheduled to hit free agency in the NFL. After signing a historic contract with the Vikings, Cousins will become a free agent for the first time, starting the spinning of the quarterback carousel. Notable athletes like Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield are also included in the mix.

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Other than quarterback, there is a wealth of talent available. Leading the way is Chris Jones, an All-Pro defensive tackle, followed by Christian Wilkins, Danielle Hunter, and other elite players. Calvin Ridley, Derrick Henry, and Saquon Barkley are notable offensive players.

The franchise tag has been applied to some players, giving their teams the choice to keep them. Particularly Jones is in a good place following his Chiefs Super Bowl victory. On the other hand, a lot of teams have a lot of salary cap space, which helps players in this market.

Running backs like Barkley and Henry are highly sought after because they add substantial value even if the league tends to undervalue their positions. The fact that quarterbacks earn the highest compensation in the NFL is hardly surprising.

Teams and players alike are gearing up for an intense period of talks and decision-making that will fundamentally alter the NFL as the free agency frenzy gets underway.

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