After a $91m verdict, Trump continues to disparage E Jean Carroll.

Former President Donald Trump has not stopped criticizing author E. Jean Carroll following her order to post a $91.6 million bond while the lawsuit involving her accusations of defamation and sexual assault is appealed. Is discharged. found accountable for.


Trump attacked Carroll, his attorneys, and the presiding judge on Saturday during a rally in Georgia, claiming that the trial was politically driven and supported by “Democratic activists.”

“I posted a $91 million bond for a fabricated story,” declared Trump. It is wholly imaginary.” “All of this is predicated on untrue accusations leveled against me by a lady I never met, knew, or had any knowledge of. I have no knowledge of her.

“His lawyers are prominent Democratic activists,” Trump said to his followers. The judge wasn’t good at all. Nevertheless, he received guidance and funding from Democratic activists, giving him the means to prosecute the case.”

These assertions reaffirm well-known opinions that the former president has made time and time again. These similar allegations led to Carroll accusing Trump of sexual harassment in the 1990s, and as a result, a court order for Trump to pay Carroll $83 million.

Carroll received damages from two different juries in New York for Trump’s defamatory remarks.

A jury determined that Trump was liable for defamation and sexual harassment in the spring of last year, even though he had refuted the accusations and called Carroll a “fraud.” Carroll was given $5 million by the jury in that particular case.

Carroll was then given $83 million in damages by a different jury in January for uttering more defamatory remarks. The jury’s only job was to figure out how much Trump would have to pay Carroll because he had previously been found guilty of misbehavior by another panel.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, asked the jury in the most recent trial to decide on a dollar amount that would stop Trump from disparaging Carroll. Even $83 million, though, doesn’t appear to be enough to stop Trump from saying things along these lines.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan, according to Trump, is “extremely corrupt” and a “federal Democrat Trump-obsessed judge”; he made these claims during the rally.

“His name is Lewis Kaplan – an angry man, he yelled at my lawyer,” Trump claimed.

Judge Kaplan did, however, voice her frustration to both Trump’s lawyer Alina Hubba and to Kaplan during the trial, but there was no “yelling” episode in the courtroom.

Trump frequently uses disparaging remarks about the judge or prosecutor in order to criticize his criminal or civil prosecutions. Judge Arthur Angoron imposed restrictions on the former president in his civil fraud case to stop him from threatening people or the court.

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