After a $91m verdict, Trump continues to disparage E Jean Carroll.

Former President Donald Trump has not stopped criticizing author E. Jean Carroll following her order to post a $91.6 million bond while the lawsuit involving her accusations of defamation and sexual assault is appealed. Is discharged. found accountable for. Trump attacked Carroll, his attorneys, and the presiding judge on Saturday during a rally in Georgia, … Read more

Government Mulls Ban on MPs’ Engagement with Pro-Palestine and Climate Protesters

Legislators and council members may not be allowed to associate with groups like Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion, or the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), according to government authorities. The recommendations, which have the support of John Woodcock, the government’s advisor on political violence, recommend that mainstream political figures take a “zero-tolerance approach” to any group … Read more

Will GOP Senate Candidate’s ‘Unity’ Message Win Over Voters? Analysis Reveals Potential Backfire

In an effort to defeat U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) in the next election, the Republican candidate for the Senate and prominent California MAGA donor expressed confidence that his campaign’s unifying message will be well-received by voters. But, a story published on Sunday, March 3, by The Daily Beast suggests that this strategy might not … Read more

The UK Government Reveals Plans to Prohibit Hate Speech: Guarding Democracy Against Radicalism

Due to a sharp rise in extremist activities, the UK government is creating new policies to prevent hate preachers from entering the nation. The most dangerous extremists will be identified by officials, mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and their names will be added to the visa warning list. Entry into the UK will immediately … Read more

Trump Legal Drama: High-Stakes Hearing Shrouded in Allegations and Intrigue

Trump’s legal team has been accused of using “speculation, gossip, and innuendo” to damage Fani Willis during a pivotal hearing. The hearing, which concluded Friday, was a critical step in assessing whether Willis should be barred from prosecuting Donald Trump and his aides for allegedly attempting to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. The issue hinges … Read more

Political Drama Unfolds: Labour’s Candidate Controversy and Galloway’s Surge in By-Election

Labor withdrew its support for Azhar Ali when a recording surfaced in which he alleged Israel’s complicity in the 7 October terrorist attacks. This resulted in Mr Galloway emerging as the frontrunner for the seat. Despite Labor’s late decision to modify the vote papers, Mr Ali was still named as the Labor candidate. The party … Read more