Unlocking the Secrets of the 2024 NFL Combine: Winners, Losers, and Surprising Standouts!

Analysis of the 2024 NFL Combine: Insights, significant aspects, assessments of DL and LB prospects, and more

Defensive linemen, edge rushers, and linebackers were featured on the first day of on-field examination at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Several talents improved their reputations with outstanding performances, while others prompted scouts to reconsider their potential.

Starting with a look at the analytics of the prospects listed in CBS Sports’ Top 25 consensus rankings, here’s a breakdown of the standouts and challenges from Thursday’s practice in Indianapolis.

Highest Rated EDGE/DL/LB Ratings:

EDGE Dallas Turner of Alabama had an impressive arm length of 34 3/8 inches, despite standing just under 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing only 247 pounds. His athletic prowess was highlighted by remarkable results in the 40-yard dash (4.46 seconds), 1.54-second 10-yard split, 40.5-inch vertical jump, and 10-foot-7 broad jump.

Eze Liatu Latu, UCLA: Commendable.
Latu, a technically gifted prospect, demonstrated his athletic ability, but his performance paled in compared to other exceptional players like Turner, Robinson, and Versus. Nonetheless, Latu’s performance proved both his ability and his supporting approach toward other competitors.

DT Byron Murphy II, Texas: Strong
Despite being slightly smaller, Murphy’s powerful frame alleviated fears. His remarkable explosiveness and performance cemented his position as a top interior defender in the draft.

During the AZ Jared vs. Florida State game, Versus showed promising physical abilities, including a 4.58-second 40-yard sprint, 1.6-second 10-yard split, and 35-inch vertical and 10-foot-7-inch broad jump. To be done. To be done. His performance indicates an increase in his draft stock.

Edge Robinson, Penn State: Encouraging.
Robinson, who stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 254 pounds, delivered on expectations with excellent speed, as evidenced by his 1.54-second 10-yard split and 10-foot-8 broad jump.

Age Braylen Trice, Washington: mixed.
Trice’s weight loss was expected to improve his speed, but his performance in the 40-yard dash fell short of expectations. However, his footage indicates a versatile player with a diverse set of skills.

Other noteworthy artists:

DT Braden Fiske, Florida State: Standout.
Fiske outperformed defensive linemen in several events, including the 40-yard dash, 10-yard split, and broad jump. His athletic ability solidified his image as a dominant athlete.

Clemson’s DT Rooke Orhororo excelled in multiple areas, showcasing his athleticism and potential.

Peyton Wilson, LB at NC State, is a top defensive prospect with an excellent 40-yard sprint time and consistent performance from previous season.

LB Edgerrin Cooper of Texas A&M: Dynamic
Cooper’s extraordinary physical characteristics, particularly his long arms, were demonstrated by his excellent 40-yard sprint time and agility.

LB Trevin Wallace, Kentucky: Promising.
Wallace displayed remarkable athleticism in a variety of tests, highlighting his potential impact on the field.

Challenges faced:

Patrick Mahomes: Social Media Mistake
Despite his successes, Mahomes received criticism for his social media activities during the combine.

DT Johnny Newton, Illinois: Missed Opportunity
Newton’s absence from practice, paired with his colleagues’ strong performances, could affect his draft stock.

EDGE Austin Booker, Kansas: Disappointed with performance.
Despite earlier media encouragement, Booker’s modest weight and sluggish 40-yard sprint performance may jeopardize his selection chances.

Overall, the 2024 NFL Combine offered a combination of spectacular performances and obstacles, offering useful information for teams heading into the draft.

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