Radical Trans Parody Film ‘The People’s Joker’ Drops First Trailer Amidst Copyright Controversy

The first trailer for “The People’s Joker,” a daring independent film that criticizes Batman’s archrival The Joker, has finally been released. Vera Drew, an American director, directed the film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2022. However, it encountered problems due to copyright difficulties. Drew revealed after his debut festival performance that he … Read more

Unleashing Furies Netflix 2024 Series Review

Review of “Furies” (2024), a Netflix Original Series “Furies,” the most recent addition to Netflix’s list, comes from France and delivers us an adrenaline-pumping cocktail of crime, drama, and action throughout eight fascinating episodes. From the start, it promises to engage spectators, making it an excellent way to kick off Women’s History Month. Read our … Read more

Unleash the Fury: Netflix’s Thrilling Dive into Parisian Underworld

This week marks the Netflix premiere of “Furies,” an eight-part drama that delves deeply into the Parisian criminal underworld. “Furies” offers a thrilling substitute for this week’s Netflix movie, “The Parade,” for those seeking an exhilarating journey through the neon-lit streets of Paris. This French action-thriller, directed by Cédric Nicolas-Troyan, who is most recognized for … Read more