Commanders GM Adam Peters Talks Quarterback Hunt: What’s Next for Washington?

For the first time since hiring Dan Quinn, Commanders General Manager Adam Peters addressed the media during the 2024 NFL Combine. Peters spent several minutes fielding questions, but he refrained from disclosing Washington’s exact summer strategy, including their intention to take the No. 2 overall choice. Talks included the team’s strategy for the draft and free agency, quarterbacks Sam Howell and Brock Purdy, and top picks.

In response to a question concerning Purdy’s successful 49ers late-round selection, Peters provided a thorough explanation of the selection procedure. He cited Purdy’s stellar record and constant behavior as key elements of his Iowa State career. Although Purdy received accolades, Peters emphasized the need to choose a quarterback in the forthcoming draft by pointing to the team’s ongoing quarterback hunt.

Many others took Peters’ final statement, “Now, I have to find a new quarterback,” to mean that Howell was done. But this served only to highlight the Commander’s larger objective of obtaining a franchise quarterback. Peters gave Howell acclaim, mentioned their previous chat, and emphasized the significance of considering every avenue to fortify the team.

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It was still widely believed that Washington would use their top draft selection to pursue a quarterback; Peters had alluded to this choice without providing concrete confirmation. Howell may play a part in their plans, but he is not the only one. The Commanders are prepared to make a calculated decision to bolster their quarterback position given the availability of multiple talented quarterback prospects.

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