A Wary Story of an Overseas Homeowner Fined £1.2 Million for Unauthorized Property Conversions

A homeowner who resided abroad was fined £1.2 million for constructing an extension and turning a house into apartments without getting planning approval. Following multiple violations of planning regulations and his refusal to have an unapproved expansion on Waldegrave Road in Ealing demolished, homeowner Ali Bahbahani was ordered to pay £1,283,444.

Because Bahbahani was renting out unapproved apartments and profiting illegally from them, Ealing Council obtained a forfeiture order against him. As part of the ruling, the council—which has been debating court bids to repair the building for ten years—will also be compensated for nearly £16,000 in overdue business rates and council tax.

A number of courts heard arguments against Bahbahani, with Isleworth Crown Court serving as the final venue on January 25. When it was revealed that someone had impersonated Bahbahani during the preliminary hearing, there were delays; also, Bahbahani did not show up for his sentencing on January 25.

A new owner later acquired the property, and the Council is working with them to correct unapproved modifications made to the structure.

In his remarks on the noteworthy confiscation order, Justin Morley, head of legal services at Ealing Council, emphasized the officers’ commitment to the case and their compliance with the law.

The cabinet member for good growth and new housing, Councilor Sheetal Munro, denounced the egregious misuse of the planning system and cautioned landowners to make sure they had the necessary planning clearance before making any major improvements. This case demonstrates how failing to do so may result in expensive legal actions.

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